i help clients in the global cannabis sector assess and improve the ecological, political and social impacts their businesses create. i am experienced in drafting press releases and other responses to evolving regulations and market conditions and work primarily with companies and individuals interested in developing sustainable businesses that improve conditions for their community’s most vulnerable people and places.

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Since 1990 my articles and stories have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Folha De Sao Paolo, Wall Street Journal Television, High Times Magazine, Cannabis Now Magazine, Revista Cáñamo and ABC News. As a guest lecturer at The City University of New York and Humboldt State University I have taught sociology and anthropology classes about drug policy while participating in harm-reduction research projects for the US Department of Justice, US Surgeon General’s Office and The New Jersey Department of Health. From 1994 until 2009 I worked in television and film production as an editor, consultant, director of photography, sound recordist and producer for the following networks; ABC News, CBS News, NBC, MSNBC, ESPN, PBS, HBO, MTV, BBC, BET, CNN, ARD, E!, Dow Jones and Company/Wall Street Journal Television, Six Stair, Oxygen, TV Bosnia-Herzegovina.

John Veit- Print, Radio, Television, Film, Research Projects
2018- MA Sociology - Humboldt State University

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“Resolve Network Democratic Republic of Congo Microloan Program” Documentary Short, Editor, ENG Field audio

“Oil Card” Screenplay, Writer  Finalist Great Lakes Film Fest, Beverley Hills Film Fest.
“Interview: Criminal Defense Attorney Tony Serra” Global Ganja Report

“The Battle of Durban Two: Israel, Palestine and the United Nations” Independent Doc. Camera/Editing/Audio
HDNET - ENG Field Audio Two Years
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Associated Press ENG Field Audio Three Years
“The Daily Show” ENG Field Audio Two Years

Good Morning America, ABC News, 20/20  ENG Field Audio. 6 years.

“Solar Power Prospects for Long Island” Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) Promo Campaign Editor

MSNBC - Editor. Two years

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“We Deliver: The Gentrification of the Drug Markets of New York’s Lower East Side” Researcher on $500,000 National Institute of Justice Grant through John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York - Researcher/Writer

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“Protecting Client Confidentiality” Paterson-Passaic County - Bergen County HIV Health Services Planning Council 30 Minute Training Video

W-CBS News 2 - Local News Editor - 3 years
“A Hero For All: Nelson Mandela’s Farewell” Independent Doc. Associate Producer

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“The Battle of the Hemp Bales: Missouri Scores 800 Pounds of Hemp” High Times
“The Pebbles Trippet Story, California Court Expands Scope of Prop 215 Protections: Transport and Sale of Medical Marijuana To Be Addressed in SF Activist’s Retrial” High Times
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“Third Eye Column: The Nation, The Shadow, Emerge Magazine, The New York Times” High Times

Dow Jones TV - Editor - Two Years
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“Colombian Smack: New Andean Heroin Trade Escalates Drug War Mayhem, Indians Fight Back” High Times: May. Story and Photos
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Fund For Constitutional Government Grant to Produce Five Part Radio Investigation on International Drug War on WBAI Radio
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Reuters News Service, ENG Field Audio, New York City 10 years

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BA Cum Laude CCNY International Studies Program

“Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television” Production Assistant - 3 Seasons - PBS
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“HEMP Makes Grand Appearance at Earth Summit” High Times; October
Winston Fellowship to attend Rio Earth Summit

UC Berkeley Summer Research Opportunities Program

“The Disadvantages of Private Education” CCNY International Studies Newsletter; Spring

“Meanwhile, for White Suburbia It’s No Sweat” The Philadelphia Inquirer; January Op/Ed

“Ku Klux Klan Rally: The Invisible Empire Rallies in Ephrata” The Radnorite; June 1988   Story and Photos

1987 “Beetlemania” Fiction - Thrasher Magazine